Monday, October 25, 2021

Vic Challenger Zazzle Store Mug & Shirts

There is a growing new store on Zazzle. A store for gear related to the Queen of New Pulp, Vic Challenger, plus unrelated items, too. Adventure, classic sci-fi, positive, upbeat, with off-theme designs like flowers and anole lizards. This Zazzle store is by designer Jerry Gill. Author of the Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger. For those who are not familiar with the series, Vic Challenger is a series of adventurous books for girls. Though, I am sure boys and adults will love to read these as well. Start reading the books with your favorite beverage in the Rip-Roaring Adventure Mug, showing a Vic Challenger book mingled with some of the best of the classics. (Click on the blue links to view the product pages).

"Do what needs done" is the motto of the 1920s adventuress. A powerful strong message for any female to wear. The logo is on the back of the shirt.

A raglan t-shirt is the perfect athletic shirt for the runner. The silhouette design of a woman runner and the cool quote of "Yeah! I do that!" will make a nice gift for someone. Perhaps yourself.

Look for Edit Design if wanting to make any changes to Zazzle products and get into gear today.


  1. Thanks for visiting Vic Challenger Gear, Sandy! I appreciate the swell write-up!


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