Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Biden & Harris 2020 Magnet & T-Shirts TeePublic by Sandyspider

Show your support with an election magnet and election t-shirt for Biden and Harris 2020. Get on board the Democratic ticket. Vote in Biden for President and the first woman of color Harris for Vice President. Vote Blue to make America NORMAL again! The Trump administration and his big donor Louis DeJoy (unqualified Post Master General) have made sure that voting by mail may not get counted. If there is no other way than to vote by mail, then do it early and hope for the best. Otherwise, DON"T VOTE BY MAIL. If you can, drop your ballot off at a polling place, drop off box for voters or the country clerk. Be brave and wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer, keep your distance, and stand in line to vote. Above all, you need to vote and get everyone you know out to vote. Keep America a free nation. Do not allow voter suppression by an authoritarian dictator. Don’t assume your candidate will win. Make America united as one country. Bring us all together to heal. Be sure to vote Democrat. Vote for Biden and Harris 2020.

 Other products with various text styles to show your support are available at Sandyspider Store on TeePublic – Click Here Sandyspider Designs on TeePublic – Click Here.

More online stores with election products (Biden and Trump) are found at these print on demand sites.
Sandyspider at Redbubble Look under Ugly Politicians and Political.
Sandyspider at Zazzle Biden and Trump Fabric are best sellers.
Funnyjokes at Zazzle Making fun of both parties
Sandyspider on Amazon Skim through the t-shirts.


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