Friday, January 18, 2013

Vintage Valentine's Mugs

Vintage Valentines on mugs is a sweet gift to buy for your loved one. Use a mug for coffee or tea or add some of her favorite chocolates. Hide the engagement ring within the mug. Please do not fill it up with something for her to drink. Then you will have to wait for it to all come out in the end (so to speak).

Perhaps he has a favorite candy or item you would like to put in the Valentines mug to give to him. Buy these as a set. Create your own with the blank one below. Many different styles to choose from.

Click on these images of mugs to view them in greater detail and to purchase. If you don't find what you are looking for, go ahead and search around Zazzle once you enter through one of the mug images. Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Vintage Lady Valentine's Mug Cupid Forget Me Not Valentine's Mug Cupid Watering Heart Mug Two Cupid and Poem Mug Cupid & Couple Vintage Valentine's Mug Roses in Heart Mug Vintage Couple Kissing Valentines Mug Vintage Valentine Couple in Red Coffee Mug Boy Holding Heart in Boat Coffee Mugs Cupid With Roses Valentine's Mug Victorian Valentines Couple Coffee Mug Cupid Poem Valentine's Mug Vintage First Kiss Mug Cupid Vintage Valentine's Mug Create Your Own Ringer Mug

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