Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unique Tote Bag and Bacon Magnets

Unique custom print on demand tote bag is large enough to carry school books, office supplies or groceries. The drawing on the bag is an image taken from a charcoal drawn dog. This dog is fetching a hand still attached to the arm. Both have been torn off from the body. The wickedly funny design is a drawing for artist Brittany Mertens. She happens to be unique and special herself with warped humor.

Besides the dog, showcasing here: two bacon magnets designed by Sandy Mertens and showcased on Timsmansmall. This is a family idea with real food from our kitchen. One is a bacon and cheese couple surfing. The other is cooked bacon. Tim is my better half. The Timsmansmall on Zazzle is a combinations of our ideas with my designs. 

If I had only fed my dog some bacon, he wouldn't had bitten off my arm!!!

Add a Fetch Boy Postcard to go with the tote bag gift.

Fetch Boy
Fetch Boy by Sandyspider
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  1. This is nicely done and the design is just perfect.Idea is great
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