Friday, August 26, 2011

Gifts with Trees That Zazzle

Tree prints and posters; Autumn tree print, a Hawaiian tree mousepad and puzzle, a paradise poster with the palm trees, and trees on a forest mug, Hawaiian tree in purple looking over the ocean mousepad. Many of these are from Sandyspider Designs, mingled here with a few of my Zazzle friends who have a love of nature in trees!

July 2011, a strange wind and storm blew in. The wind was strong and looked like the beginning of a tornado. It didn't last long, but the damage was intense. City wide blackout with home, tree and other damage throughout and our street lost its power for 6.5 hours.

The worst part about this storm was the lost of two large silver maple trees, that were around 60 years old or more. These trees had to be cut down. Our backyard had several large trees, making it look like a park. Now it looks a bit bare. These wonderful tree gifts are in remembrance of our lost.
Beauty of Winter magnet
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  1. Thanks so much Sandy for featuring one of my photos. I greatly appreciate it. I love the new design to your blog, it is great. Blue is a great color for communication and for relaxing energy. Good job on these features, you picked some beauties!!

  2. Great collection of gifts with trees. Thanks for including one of mine.


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