Friday, June 3, 2011

What Sold on Zazzle

After someone purchased 33 Seattle Ferry t-shirts, on June 1, 2011, I asked other shopkeepers to join in on what they recently sold. Looks like t-shirts, decorative envelopes, flower cards, ice cream cow invitations and flowery refrigerator magnets with inspirational quotes are the hit with customers.

Congratulations on your recent items sold.


  1. Nice to see all those sales. Congrats again on 33 shirts. This is a really fun post to read.

  2. Congratulations on your sales everyone! You've got some awesome products, indeed. Also thanks for the feature, Sandy. Nicely done!


  3. Thanks for featuring my card, Sandy. This was a fun idea for a blog.

  4. Nice to see what is popular with customers. Thanks for featuring my envelopes

  5. Hey Sandy - Chocolates makes clothes shrink - is my favorite : )))

  6. Love your Seattle Ferry drawing, Sandy. Thanks for including my requested lobster claws shirt.

  7. Congrats - I know what a blessing it is to have a bulk order! Just last week, someone in the UK bought 250 photo cards from the workshop. It was not even one of my best designs, but I am happy none the less :)

    Keep up the great work and all the best ~ Yonni :)

  8. Sandy, thanks for including the the ice cream cows party invitations. : )


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