Friday, May 6, 2011

Graduation Cards and Gifts

May through June is the largest time of year for graduates. Do you know someone who is graduating from High School, College or even Kindergarten?

Below are some nice graduation products, which include postage stamps, graduation invitations and congratulation cards. Fun one of a kid gifts for the graduate too, including keychains, mousepad, graduation mug, funny stickers, neckties, refrigerator magnets, kindergarten t-shirt. (a milestone for children and parents), photo binder and a thank you card for the graduate to mail back.

Off to 1st Grade shirt
Off to 1st Grade by bethd821
Start selling my art online with zazzle.

Fun and unique gifts on Amazon for the graduate.


  1. Graduation is a great moment in the lives of so many youngsters. These are nice products to tell them how proud you are.

  2. Graduations are a lot of fun and great accomplishments. Thanks for featuring my 'hooray' graduation magnet. :-)

  3. Graduation is such a great accomplishment. Thanks for the features! : )

  4. Sandy
    Thanks for featuring my congratulations card. You have a lot of great selections.

  5. Wonderful gifts for graduates. I especially love the one for the Kindergarten Graduate.

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my Kindergarten Graduate t-shirt. You have lots of great graduation gift ideas here!

  7. Great designs Sandy. Only just found your blog.

  8. Hi,

    I've been enjoying your blog. For this reason, I have given you an award, "The Versatile Blogger Award".

    Please collect your award at Blessings, Quietsound

  9. Hey Sandy, I am back with an award to share. I bestow upon you the Versatile Blogger award. Sorry, it has some rules (although you can ignore them if you want.) Stop by my current blog post (linked to my name) to pick up the award :)


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