Friday, March 11, 2011

Love and Dessert T-shirts

T-shirts with love and desserts make wonderful gifts to show you care. There is no better feeling to know someone special loves you. It is as comforting as wrapping up in a warm blanket. Just as the happy sensation your body feels eating a piece of cake or cupcake and for a healthier yet still comforting feeling, one can eat a bowl of raspberries.

Below are custom t-shirts that bring comfort and love.

Every Day Valentine Shirt shirt
Every Day Valentine Shirt by TropiCards
Browse zazzle for a different t-shirt.zazzle

Sweatshirts of Hearts, Love and Chocolate Truffle eloquently in a wine glass shown below.


  1. The Chocolate Cupcake one is my favourite. Nice collection.

  2. They are all very nice and unique T-shirts

  3. Love the love hand - great post : ). Latest post on Karma at : )

  4. Love the comforting t-shirts. Thanks for featuring my love hand shirt.

  5. Dear SandySpider,
    thank you so very much for featuring my Everyday Valentine shirt in your blog today!

  6. Thanks for including one of my shirts Sandy. When I read your intro, it was a different one of your raspberry shirts that came to mind . . . LOL- maybe I should go to sleep before I get myself in trouble.

  7. Pretty shirts, Sandy. Love is never out of style!

  8. Darling shirts! So true about the feeling when eating cupcakes and raspberries!

  9. Oooh! Wonderful selection! I love the two hearts are better than one!
    Sorry my comment is oh... a week late!


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