Friday, May 21, 2010

Amazing Things To Discover

On May 5, 1961, Astronaut Alan Shepard became the first American to be launched into space. Since then through science and space exploration were have discovered the universe in all its glory.

Discover the fantasy world of fairies. Are they real?
fairy play 2 postcard postcard
fairy play 2 postcard by RenderlyYours
Post cards made online using zazzle

Discover a beautiful and peaceful lake to relax your cares away.


  1. Foovay!!! BEAUTIFUL fairy picture!! Sandy, you are really doing a neat job with this blog. I know it takes a lot of work keeping one up and running. Good work!!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring one of my products on your blog! I feel very honoured.

  3. Thank you Sandy! I am honored and what a beautiful blog I will be visiting often!

  4. You've showcased some really amazing products here!

  5. Thanks so much for the mention. This blog is beautiful. That is a cool Zazzle widget below.

  6. Great designs featured today, Sandy. I do enjoy coming here every Friday!


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