Friday, August 6, 2010

Nature on Odds and Ends Friday Aug. 6th

Today's blog is about nature. The nature of flowers, places to visit and see, like Australia or a sunset with an inspirational scripture. Penguins and Koalas are part of nature and so are bunnies. Though these are dust bunnies.


  1. Great items depicting nature and flowers... thanks for featuring my lavender postage! :-)

  2. Nature is a beautiful topic. Great choices and very well done designs, everyone!

  3. I guess my dust bunnies are part of nature. They sure seem to multiply naturally! LOL. Thanks for the feature. I do have a lot of flower designs, too. :)

  4. Very nice Sandy. You have great selections here.

  5. Thank you fro featuring my flower mosaic poster! I really like the Psalm mousepad and the dust bunny shirt cracks me up :)


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