Friday, August 27, 2010

Halloween Wedding Reception For Feature Friday

Ordering Halloween Princess Wedding Invitations online with my old fashion mouse smoothly gliding over my Black and White Flowers Mousepad was easy through Zazzle.

The wedding reception being like no other. Guess came in costume, either dressed up as royalty or something ghostly.

Looking around and I spotted some guess and their costumes. Here is what I had seen a few of the guest wearing: a Boo Hat, Vintage Halloween Scare Shirt and Ghosts/Grim Keds High Top Shoes.

Everyone was given a Personalised Trick or Treat Tote Bag to fill up with goodies.

Boo hat
Boo by Albomfamily
""Learn how to sell artwork online at

Read about more Halloween fashion on Trick or Treat Matching Apparel


  1. Very cute Sandy. You are just rocking right along!

  2. How cute! Halloween reception. That is new!Thanks for featuring my black and white mouse pad.

  3. I enjoyed your wedding reception story and the clever way you pulled these products together. Thanks for the feature.

  4. Cute post, Sandy. Thanks for featuring my Keds.

  5. An interesting and unusual way to feature these fabulous gift ideas. Thanks for featuring my totes, Sandy

  6. trick or treat bag are a great way to go treating


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