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Clutch Purses for Bridesmaids

Handcrafted Custom Clutches

Handcrafted custom clutch purses for bridesmaids are ideal gifts for those on your bridal team.  Clutches are compact purses, which are practical for holding the essentials: drivers license, credit cards, keys and makeup. It is the right size purse to carry around for the evening. Wear over the shoulder when it comes with a strap or chain.

10 of the 13 clutch styles at Ella Winston on Zazzle

Ella Winston Couture has the perfect bridesmaid gifts with personalized clutch purses. These designer clutch purses have a modern eloquent style which adds a nice touch to the evening or wedding attire.

Kristin Ames is the owner and designer of Ella Winston. Ames began with her handmade bags opening up an Etsy shop with a few designs. Since then her business has grown. Her handcrafted evening bags are created from her studio in Las Vegas NV.  Yes these are Made in the USA!

Ella Winston Couture Clutches are now available on Zazzle for bridesmaids and all occasions. 

Unique Personalized Clutch Purses

In the Ella Winston store in Zazzle, there are 13 styles of clutches. Customize any of these with 53 color options for the exterior and interior. Personalize each purse with the frame style and lace overlay. Each clutch comes with an 18" chain. For the bride, add your names and date. For each bridesmaid add her name and the wedding date. You can add up to three embroidered lines. Below is an example of the bridal clutch

Bridesmaid Clutch Purses

Prior to when our daughter had gotten married in September, she had a hard time deciding what to buy for the bridesmaids as thank you gifts. We raised our daughter to be a generous person. She had given out jewelry and clutches. The small purses were black and gray colored and were a nice complement to many colors of the dresses. These were nice but no personalization was offered from the Coach store.

Being a fall wedding our daughter decided that each of the bride team would have a different colored dress to match the colors of autumn. She mentioned that a matching colored clutch for the dresses would be ideal. Had we visited Ella Winston, she could have come close to matching colors and personalize each of the clutches one embroidered names and dates.

Unfortunately I cannot make these colors show up here for the clutches. You will need to check out their pages on Zazzle. Though here are a few styles that would complement the dresses (once I customize the colors from the large selection to choose from).

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