Thursday, February 7, 2013

Using tools for Zazzle to Squidoo

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Using the right tools to convert Zazzle to Squidoo can be a headache. There are two tools out on the net for this. Today will be this one below. In this one, the title is at the top and the 'buy button' underneath the product. This works best when adding three products to the text module on Squidoo. This is because the size stays the same whether you would like one or three showing in your text module.

To fix that you would have to go into the script and make the changes to where it states width: 210px; to width: 525px; and for the image, change 210.jpg to 525.jpg. Change this size to whatever you would like to show up. Squidoo has enlarged there text space and a 525.jpg would work out too.
Where it has font-size: 10px; change that to font-size: 20px; and now you are all set to have one large product shown in your Squidoo lens.

When I have used this tool, often I will leave the text part out. In the past, I have had the title of the product not always lining up right when there are multiple products going across. This may have been fixed since I last used it.

Below is this Zazzle to Squidoo tool used for this beautiful coaster and the script size changed to make it larger.

Zazzle to Squidoo Tool is the first tool that has came out and I have been so happy that J32 Design came out with it. I find it a great tool for multiple products across and uses less script then the second one that will follow.

Mailbox In Cactus Garden Drink Coaster

Mailbox In Cactus Garden Drink Coaster Abstract Black and White Artwork Notebook Speakers

Abstract Black and White Artwork Notebook Speakers above had the title above the product. But I took that one off, because in this post, I had the problem I have had in the past with the titles not showing up where they should be.

Overall this is a great time saving tool.

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