Friday, June 29, 2012

America and Fireworks Gifts

American flag, fireworks and the bald eagle are the theme for products which sold in a little over this last week from my Zazzle shops Sandyspider Gifts and Kingdomofanimals Gifts

Other gifts from my travel shop and Sandyspider Gifts sold items not related. It seemed like at least half of these were patriotic. Course it makes sense with the upcoming Independence Day for these gift items.

On with what sold. I will gladly post your Zazzle products in my blog anytime. And I will custom make a product for you. Just contact me about this at

Here is what sold for the Patriotic Americans. USA - American Flag greeting card, postcard, star shaped stickers and t-shirt. Vintage Happy Birthday America postcard, American Flag and Fireworks postcard (sold 200 of these to one customer), Ameican Flag and Fireworks t-shirt, American Bald Eagle and Flag canvas bag, Vintage Teddy Bear with Fireworks belt buckle, and the World Trade Center Tribute in Light postcard.

USA - American Flag Card USA - American Flag Post Card USA - American Flag Stickers USA - American Flag T-shirts American Flag and Firework Tee Shirt Vintage Happy Birthday America Post Cards American Flag and Firework Postcard World Trade Center Tribute in Light Postcards American Bald Eagle and Flag Canvas Bag Vintage Teddy Bear with Fireworks Belt Buckle

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