Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gel Mousepads and Traditional at Zazzle

New this year 2011, Zazzle has came out with gel mouse pads. The advantage of having one of this type of pad is that it raises your wrist to help prevent or relive carpal tunnel syndrome. Which is pressure on the median nerve. The gel mouse pad gives a pillow cushion that matches the natural curve of the wrist and hand.

Now Zazzle is offering both types of mouse pads. The traditional mouse pad is a thick sturdy pad not often found in stores. It is an amazing quality mouse pad. I know this when I ordered one for my friend Rochelle of her cat Pearl and then sent it to her. Below is the mouse pad of Pearl. These mouse pads are great gift ideas. Give a mouse pad that is customizable and unique that is offered her from Zazzle.  

Gel Mouse Pads

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