Friday, September 23, 2011

Goth Photography By: WhiteOak

When we look up the word "Gothic" it means: a style of architecture originating in France in the middle of the 12th century. It is also related to designating the style of painting, sculpture, etc.

I happen to see a lot of beauty in old Victorian and/or Vintage Gothic sculptures. To photograph the kind of sculptures I am looking for; the most obvious place to photograph is in the cemetery. I have a great respect for the dead, so when I do photography in cemeteries, I try my best to never photo the name of the person who is buried in that spot and if by chance a name does come through I delete that section of the photo or will delete the photo all together.

After I upload the photos, I take them into another computer program and do adjustments and add special effects to enhance the photo and/or to make the photo look even older. I happen to find the Goth culture very beautiful; I love the uniqueness they bring to the world. That is another reason why I have labeled this series my Goth Series, because of the uniqueness of the shots I have taken.

I have my Goth Series located in my Halloween Zazzle Gallery at :WhiteOak's Halloween. I am always adding more designs, so please be sure to stop by often.

This Angel was one of the most beautiful unique old Angels in the Cemetery.
I love old Crosses especially Cross that look like this one.
Angel in the Intro Photo, Available Here:
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