Friday, July 22, 2011

iPod Cases in Shades of Gray and Black

iPod case covers are the newest custom creative product offered on Zazzle. If I owned an iPod, buying a Speakcase on Zazzle would be my first choice. Many cool designs to choose from with many talented shopkeepers keeping up with their creative talents.

These iPod cases are intriguing and interesting designs in shades of gray and black, sometimes with a splash of color.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Celebrate Postage Stamps on Zazzle

Buy your postage stamps today and take $6 off your purchase. Be sure to type in code ZBDAYPOSTAGE at checkout. Zazzle is celebrating six years of business. Every day this week is $6 off a product. So many beautiful, funny and special postage stamps to choose from today, so Shop now!

Below are some postage picks from these talented Zazzlers. Click on the images and links to purchase or leave a comment on their product.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona Postage Stamp stampMonarchia American Bald Eagle with Flag Postage stamp
Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona Postage Stamp by TravelDestinations
Monarchia "P" Postage Stamp by AtoZunme
American Bald Eagle with Flag Postage by kingdomofanimals
Florida Keys Postage Stamps stampDead Hawaiian Tree stampHawaiian Sunset stamp
Florida Keys Postage Stamps by poddys
Dead Hawaiian Tree Postage Stamp by Sandyspider
Hawaiian Sunset Postage Stamp by Sandyspider
Fuscia Flower Postage stamprose postage stampPeace on Earth Postage stamp
Fuscia Flower Postage by EdmondHoggeJr
rose postage by RenderlyYours
Peace on Earth Postage by capturedbyKC
I'm - Obey Me! Funny Customize Birthday Template stampRoses Bouquet Wedding Thank You stampFrog Stamps stamp
I'm - Obey Me! Funny Customize Birthday Template Postage by thelanguageemporium
Roses Bouquet Wedding Thank You Postage by elenaind
Frog Stamps by evelynsaenz
Red and Yellow Roses stampBlack and White Rose stampColourful Butterfly With Orange Flowers stamp
Red and Yellow Roses Postage Stamp by BotanyPlace
Black and White Rose Postage Stamp by lou165
Colourful Butterfly With Orange Flowers Stamps by Rewards4life

Sending out wedding cards? You will need a flowery wedding stamp to match.
Lavender Rose, Our Wedding Invitations Cards cardFuchsia flower, Our Wedding, postage stamps stamp
Lavender Rose, Our Wedding Invitations Cards Fuchsia flower, 
Our Wedding, postage stamps by Cherylsart

Mailing out that funky abstract poster? Don't forget the matching stamp to send it out with.
Juxtaposing Thoughts printJuxtaposing Thoughts stamp
Juxtaposing Thoughts Poster
Juxtaposing Thoughts Postage Stamp by designs2inspire
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

$6 Off T-Shirts Vote on Your Favorite

$6 off t-shirts today (July 13, 2011) on Zazzle. USE PROMO CODE: ZBDAYTSHIRTS when ordering. Course the awesome thing about Zazzle is if you miss the $6 off t-shirts today to help celebrate Zazzle's 6 birthday, there will always be special codes for products. But why wait! This is a great deal! Beside, with every purchase, Zazzle will give you $5 towards your next one.

Help me should I decide to dip into my profits and buy t-shirts for my family. My husband insists on black and from previous orders, Zazzle will separate the light t-shirts from the dark and charge two separate shipping fees. To keep this all in one shipping box, all three t-shirts will be black-Shirts for men are less expensive, just like all products for men when you go shopping. Only my daughter is into fitted clothes, so too bad for her. She hasn't looked yet, so there may be a different t-shirt that she decides on. Right now these are the ones that I have chosen. Help me decide which ones you like best. Pick up to three t-shirts.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Customize Keds Shoes on Zazzle

Cool summertime Keds canvas shoes featuring strawberries, colorful shoes in motion, paint and swirls. Select any of the Zazzle colors offered to create your shoes. Adjust the thread color, lining and sole color of shoes. Add your on initial to the shoes.

Have fun with a photo of a gecko riding a motorcycle with the Pro-Keds Hi Tops. The Silhouette geckos are always fun to see on shoes or any other product.

These are all found on Zazzle where you can add your own personalize design.

Keds shoes on Amazon:

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