Thursday, November 4, 2010

2011 Customize Calendars

Have you placed your order for the one of these beautiful and fun calendars from Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle? Hard to believe that November is already here.

These calendars along with calendar mousepads are featured on Custom Calendars For Christmas.

Which one of these is your favorite?

Vintage Women 2011 Calendar calendarSeasons 2011 Calendar calendar
Vintage Women 2011 Calendar
Seasons 2011 Calendar

Chocolate and Dessert Calendar calendarFlowers 2011 Calendar calendar
Chocolate and Dessert Calendar
Flowers 2011 Calendar

Patriotic America 2011 Calendar calendarCARTOON ANIMALS 2011 calendar
Patriotic America 2011 Calendar
CARTOON ANIMALS 2011 by Sandyspider
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2011 Mousepad Calendars

Making mousepad calendars on Zazzle has been fun. With the year, 2011 just around the corner, these calendars on mouse pads are not only pleasing to look at, but practical as well.

Image putting in a busy day at the office or your personal computer and you look down at your mousepad calendar and realize that this is the day that you have a doctor's visit.

Oh my! Time to tell the boss you need to leave, even if you are boss.

These mousepads are featured on Custom Calendars For Christmas

Food and Colorful Swirls

Chocolate Truffle Calendar Mousepad mousepadChocolate Truffle Calendar Mousepad mousepad
Chocolate Truffle Calendar Mousepad
Chocolate Truffles Calendar Mousepad

Vintage Strawberry Plant Calendar Mousepad mousepadVintage Strawberry Plants Calendar Mousepad mousepad
Vintage Strawberry Plant Calendar Mousepad
Vintage Strawberry Plants Calendar Mousepad by Sandyspider

All Those Colors Calendar Mousepad mousepadMulti-Colored Calendar Mousepad mousepad
All Those Colors Calendar Mousepad
Multi-Colored Calendar Mousepad by Sandyspider
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Flower Calendar Mousepads

Orange Rose Calendar Mousepad mousepadAlstremeria and Lilacs Calendar Mousepad mousepad
Orange Rose Calendar Mousepad
Alstremeria and Lilacs Calendar Mousepad by Sandyspider

Vintage Patriotic and Roses Calendar Mousepad mousepadRed Rose Calendar Mousepad mousepadLilacs Flowers Calendar Mousepad mousepad
Vintage Patriotic and Roses Calendar Mousepad
Red Rose Calendar Mousepad
Lilacs Flowers Calendar Mousepad by Sandyspider
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Rocket Moms Rock Mousepad

Rocket Moms Rock Mousepad mousepad
Rocket Moms Rock Mousepad by Sandyspider Registered & Protected

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