Friday, July 23, 2010

Amazing T-shirts and Shoes on Zazzle

T-shirts and Keds shoes from Zazzle, a custom print on demand shop. The quality of the shirts can not be beat and Keds shoes are rated as top of the line.

Today’s contributors show an assortment of taste and styles.

Starting with the t-shirts, enjoy a trip to Gold Coast, Australia. If you have an addiction of being online too much like me, there will always be dust bunnies bouncing around your house. How about the great concept of color in shirts? This shirt shows an elephant drawing for color in shirts.

Wear some fun Keds shoes. Find some shoes with colorful feet design. With this, you will always be on the right foot. Grab yourself a pair of dazzling Keds shoes with complimentary blends of brown and blue.

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