Friday, July 31, 2015

Wanelo and Polyvore Sharing Product Promotion Sites

created by Sandy Mertens owner of Giftsyoutreasure

Some months back I had joined It is similar to, which I had joined in November 2014. Both Wanelo and Polyvore have collections. A collection is where you will add a title of what you would like in that collection of products. An example would be a collection of your best Zazzle products or a variety of water bottles from many POD shops that you happen to be on. It can be products of your own if you are an online shopkeeper or it can be items that you like from others and inspires you to share it. Affiliate links don't work (to my knowledge) on either of these sites to products that you are promoting. But it will all lead to the site of purchase. If it is your gift item, then you will make money from that order. An example would be from my OArtTee Shirts collection on Polyvore. If someone clicks on one of the shirts that is displayed, it will lead to where the shirt is displayed on the OArtTee website. Then if she or he purchases that shirt, I will make money from that sell. Because it is from my shop!

created by Sandy Mertens owner of Giftsyoutreasure

What is different between the two sharing sites?

Polyvore has sets. Wanelo does not. This is where you can add a variety of items, usually for some theme and make a pretty picture out of it. They love the magazine look! You can join groups and contest with your sets. For a creative person like me, Polyvore is addictive when making sets and one can easily spent all day there. Or longer!

On Wanelo, you can apply to place your store in their marketplace. When an item sells, Wanelo will take 10% out for their commission. This would work if you were selling the physical product that you ship. However if you are a shopkeeper selling from an online print on demand store with no overhead because it is your design on a product, then this would not necessary be  ideal for you to do.

There are other differences. Presently, I have been active on Polyvore and established myself there. On Wanelo, I have worked on it for the first time on 7/30/2015. So far I began a few collections. But only one collection that has many product items and this collection is connected to several online POD stores with travel mugs and water bottles.

There is a limit per day to follow people on Wanelo. Since I have not been active and have not promoted this site until July 30th, only a small amount of people are following me. I have also signed on as Giftsyoutreasure for my name instead of the more popular Sandyspider or Sandy Mertens name. This could throw off those whom I have known over the years online. Only time will tell.

A sample set on Wanelo. The links below will lead to the travel mug and water bottle sites.

created by Sandy Mertens owner of Giftsyoutreasure

American Flag with Thumbs Up Pride Travel Mug
Hawaii State Flag 10 Oz Insulated SIGG Thermos Water Bottle
Arkansas State Flag 16 Oz Insulated SIGG Thermos Water Bottle
State Flag of Illinois 10 Oz Insulated SIGG Thermos Water Bottle

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