Friday, June 27, 2014

Best Selling Postcards from Sandyspider Gifts and Shops

So far this is my best selling postcard. One person bought 505 of these. It had only been in my Traveldestinations Shop for a couple of months when the big sell happened.

Below are many of my best selling postcards on Zazzle. Just click on the images to visit and check for prices. More on the top best selling postcards that stay current on Zazzle is listed within this article on Squidoo. Best Selling Custom Postcards on Zazzle.

Santa Christmas Wishes Postcard Santa on Parade Postcard Santa With Presents Post Card Vintage Witch Halloween Postcard Vintage Jack o' Lantern Boys Steeling Gate Postcards Witch Flying Halloween Cartoon Postcard German Shepherd Witch Dog Post Card Vintage Pilgrim Boy Praying on Pumpkin Postcards World Trade Center Tribute in Light Postcards Wishing You Love Postcard Hills and Rivers of the Ozarks Post Card Vintage Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Postcard Vintage Halloween Skeleton Card Postcards Delaware State Capital Postcard Vintage Halloween Pumpkin & Cat in Mosaic Post Card Birmingham, Alabama Post Card Performing Arts Downtown Wichita, Kansas Post Cards Vintage United States Capitol Post Cards Grand Canyon, Arizona Postcards Kansas City, MO Skyline Memorial Liberty Area Post Card Northern Lights Shine in Alaskan Sky Postcard Oklahoma Map, seal and Picture Text Post Cards Churchill Downs Louisville, Kentucky Post Cards Bald Eagle and American Flag Postcard Gold Dust Day Gecko - Audition and Get Some Gecko Post Cards Halloween Dog in Camouflage Post Card German Shepherd Witch Dog Post Card Halloween Dog and No Treats Postcard Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Post Card Love Your Ass Valentine's Day Postcard Halloween Witches Cauldron Post Card

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