Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Mementos

Hurricane Sandy is the most devastating storm to hit the East Coast. It is the worst storm to have ever hit the American shoreline. They call it the storm of the century.

It is unfortunate to see that many of the famous landmarks like Coney Island in New York and the Jersey shore are no longer there due to this powerful Hurricane that hit with 80 to 90 mile winds.

If you can help with donations for those in need that live on the East Coast and have lost their homes and businesses, please contact the Red Cross.

These mementos gifts below go out to the survivors. May they be able to rebuild their homes, businesses and the cities. The positive of all of this is seeing how people are there helping each other.

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Sandyspider: Nature's Fury

Satellite View of Hurricane Sandy Poster Satellite Collage View of Hurricane Sandy Cards Satellite View of Hurricane Sandy Post Card Satellite Collage View of Hurricane Sandy Labels Satellite Collage View of Hurricane Sandy Ceramic Tile Hurricane Sandy Words Drinking Bottles Hurricane Sandy Coffee Mugs Hurricane Sandy Postcard Hurricane Sandy Symbol Hat Hurricane Sandy Symbol Stamps Hurricane Sandy Button Hurricane Sandy Mousepad 

Read more and see videos of Hurricane Sandy on Hurricane Sandy to Superstorm or Frankenstorm.

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