Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free photo book

It isn't often one gets things for free. To see how free this offer is I went through the process myself. By using the link below, it will lead you to the MyPublisher page where you are given a code to add at checkout and a download for the photo book program. Once you download the software, you upload your photos and place them either as one on a page or many as a collage. There are 20 photos pages for photo book, you choice the hardcover versus the softcover. Once everything is done and ready for purchase, just add the code. There is a shipping fee, so free isn't totally free. But you are saving $19.99 off the price of the photo book. With this in mind I went ahead and ordered.

Go ahead and click on the link and thank me in the comment area.Offer ends in two weeks.
Free hardcover photo book from MyPublisher


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