Wednesday, July 13, 2011

$6 Off T-Shirts Vote on Your Favorite

$6 off t-shirts today (July 13, 2011) on Zazzle. USE PROMO CODE: ZBDAYTSHIRTS when ordering. Course the awesome thing about Zazzle is if you miss the $6 off t-shirts today to help celebrate Zazzle's 6 birthday, there will always be special codes for products. But why wait! This is a great deal! Beside, with every purchase, Zazzle will give you $5 towards your next one.

Help me should I decide to dip into my profits and buy t-shirts for my family. My husband insists on black and from previous orders, Zazzle will separate the light t-shirts from the dark and charge two separate shipping fees. To keep this all in one shipping box, all three t-shirts will be black-Shirts for men are less expensive, just like all products for men when you go shopping. Only my daughter is into fitted clothes, so too bad for her. She hasn't looked yet, so there may be a different t-shirt that she decides on. Right now these are the ones that I have chosen. Help me decide which ones you like best. Pick up to three t-shirts.

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