Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spiders on Zazzle

Sprider gifts are fun to give out to anyone. Enjoy this from Sandyspider Gifts.

I can't very well be a spider as my avatar on many sites without having spider products. I have even written some articles about spiders.
Black Widow Spider and Venom
Juiced on Spider Webs
Spider Web Architecture and Efficiency
Spider Webs and Dwellings

Click on any of these to make a purchase.

Hey...Is there something on my back? shirtSpider Products shirt
Hey...Is there something on my back? by Sandyspider
Spider Products by Sandyspider
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by Sandyspider
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  1. Sandy, I love the spider shoes! I know I have seen them before, but they are my favorites.

  2. I like the spider shoes as well, an awesome design, but today I think I'd like a pair of the spider earrings :)


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