Friday, March 4, 2011

Redneck Wedding and Zazzle

Today's products are odds and ends with celebration cards and the new mother, traveling to places like Atlanta, Boston, a sand beach by the ocean, monogram bridesmaid tote bag, gator bag, a fun going in circles poster, wallaby, colorfully wild iPhone case, piano iPad case, better than you t-shirt, redneck family reunion and a hillbilly with moonshine t-shirt. If you do not think these all connect, read the story below shown within the yellow background.

Hot dang, pop the cork and celebrate. Sally Jean McFun is getting married. It seemed like yesterday, she had a baby. Wait a minute…it was yesterday! Presents can be for the wedding shindig and the baby. This should be bigger and better than last year's family Reunion.

Family Reunion - Beach shirt
Family Reunion - Beach by clouda9
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Invitations have been sent out to Atlanta, Georgia and them upper crust relatives living in Boston, Massachusetts. Just because they have a fancy house with indoor plumbing, they think they are better than we are.

Shucks, family is family and it wouldn't seem right without sending them an invitation.

We search in circles for long lost friends, from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast.

We even sent some of them invitations out for the folks down under.

Sally Jean will be handing out some fancy lettered tote bags to her bridesmaids. Funny, their names all start with "S": And she said she will bring little Gator George, her new baby in the lovely bag we bought her. It is big enough for the diapers and the baby.

The reception dinner will give your mouth a dance with all sorts of food from the McFun family friends. Here is sample that will be served: fried possum, collared greens, sweet potaters and black eyes peas. I will be sharing my famous moonshine. Now don't cha worry if you end up seeing an array of colors after a little nip…it should wear off.

Barney Joel will be playing the piano and of course their will be plenty of vittles. So come you all to enjoy some fun and kick up your heals.


  1. Well golly gee wiliker's them there bags and such are mighty fine! As part of the McFun clan I be the one bringin' the vittles! See ya'll there and when the whole dang thang is over don't let the door hit ya in the arse on the whey out!

  2. YeeHa! Don't fergit yer cowboy relatives! Outta sight but hopefully not outta mind. . . well, some might think different. . . .

    Thanks for featuring my upper crust iphone case.

  3. Hi Sandy, Thanks for featuring my 'tropical flowers' postage. Some really great items here!:-)

  4. Wow This is an interesting range of items you got featured here.
    Thanks for including my iPhone case too

  5. Thank you Sandy, for another feature,
    I really appreciate it.

  6. Thank you Sandy, this post is awesome! I so appreciate you showing my Gator Danger Bag.

  7. Hi Sandy, Thank you for featuring the iPad case from my store - much appreciated as always :)

  8. Well golly gee, loved your story. Glad they could use the bag!


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