Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Feel Better Every Day Book Review

Recently finished reading Carol Stanley’s latest Book, Feel Better Every Day: Natural Keys to Healthy Aging (Available in paperback and for Kindle.) This is an ideal book for those who want to begin their journey in feeling better every day. Stanley outlines the natural keys to aging in a healthy way. And if you are like me, doing it all at once is a recipe to fail. Start making changes with this well researched informative book. Natural solutions to what ails you, finding benefits in vitamins, essential oils, and healthful recipes. Make your own beauty products and household cleaners. It is all within this book. (Note: Photo above with text is not part of the book. Below is what the cover looks like.)

Carol Stanley recommends, “If you start now to make slow and deliberate changes, before you know it you’ll feel better, have more energy, and find more peace in life.”

As a researcher and writer myself, with many articles about health issues and nutrition, I learned much more from this book. I found it very beneficial. It has enlighten me on more alternatives to better living. Carol breaks down her information from what she has discovered through her own life experiences in easy to understand chapters. Hard to believe that she and her husband are in their 70’s. Yet are more active and healthy than many half their age. Throughout her adult life, she has maintained the same weight and clothing size. Her friends call her the “medicine woman”. Yet, throughout the book, she does mention that this is not a replacement for your health practitioner.

Taking a healthy perspective on aging, this book is beneficial to people of all ages. The author tells us to make small changes one day at a time. Begin with fresh food, short walks and build up to a healthy lifestyle if we have been out of it for some time.

This is a wonderful recipe book. Filled with natural solutions for our ailments: insomnia, stress, and fatigue. Ways to treat your skin and brain function. The book continues on with healthy choice recipes.

This book has everything that one would ever need. I especially like the information about essential oils. Over the years, I have used and researched various supplements. But not so much the essential oils. Stanley shares her top 20. Highlighting the benefits of these natural oils. A wonderful reference guide. I would recommend this to everyone of all ages.

Get your copy of Feel Better Every Day: Natural Keys to Healthy Aging today.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Words of Heart Ornaments for All Occasions

Beginning with the ”Words of Heartornaments look wonderful on the Christmas tree. These are styled in heart shapes from words. Words of love. There is a variety of ornament types. Below shows the acrylic heart shaped ornament the premium round with silver colored trim and the framed ornament. The framed ornament has the heart pattern with a frame to add your photo behind it. The love ornaments are wonderful for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and anytime to give to that special person. It is Christmas in July with a special sale on site with the code shown. Up to 60% off. Visiting here after that date, use the code shown on site for the special discount. More ornaments are found in these collections at Zazzle. (Note colored text are links to the products.)

Words of Heart Ornaments

AtoZunMe Gifts is a store that specializes in monograms and fancy name fonts. Get an ornament with your initial in a vintage letter.

See modern traditional or vintage design tree decorations for Christmas or for anytime with Sandyspider Gifts.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Party Favors for Rainbow Pride Month

Celebrate with party favors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The colors of the Pride Flag is something I have loved as a color combination long before I knew it was part of something much larger. June is Pride Month. Celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. Back in the 50’s and 60’s few establishments welcomed openly gay people. Like the Civil Rights Movement, gays fought back against hate crimes. The month of June honors the LGBT community. Party favors in this design are not limited to one community. If you love the colors of the rainbow, then these decorations are for you!

(Note: All colored text and images below are links which will lead to the products on Zazzle.)

Party Time with Bunting Flags and Candles

40% Off with the coupon code below. Find more of these from Sandyspider Gifts in the LGBT Pride Category, including the t-shirts shown in the image above.

Bunting flags come in two shape styles swallowtail and triangle. Decide which one you would within the same link below. Add a text message to the flags. Candles are a nice touch for those evening parties.

Paper Party Supplies

Present sale with 40% off! Coasters at Zazzle come in many varies and product material. For this party, paper coasters, paper plates, cups, napkins, and hats (for big kids too to wear) as featured below. No party is complete without stickers and favor bags. 30% off paper cups and paper napkins with the promo code below.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Summertime Flower Flip Flops

Summertime is the best time to wear flower flip flops. These casual wear thong style sandals have an easy to slip on design. Durable with the 100% rubber material. Cushioned for comfort all day long. Ideal for wearing to the swimming pool. Comfort around the house. Flip flops are good for those public showers. Bring the beauty of flowers to the feet. Lovely floral colors in red, pink, blue, purple, and yellow. Photography and graphic design in vintage and neon. On Zazzle, you can customize these fun shoes to make it especially you!

(The wonderful intro image has four of these open toe shoes and in the background the Black Sand Beach in Hawaii Large Clock by TravelDestinations

Flower Flip-Flops by these designers: Sandyspider Gifts and Photo Gifts by Sgolis
(Note: The Zazzle buttons and colored text will lead to the secure product site.)

Shoes for Men, Women and ChildrenCustomize your own high tops, low tops and slip on shoes that run in sizes for both men and women. Keep the colors or change them for your favorite. Flip-flops for summertime. All in this collection.

(Info photo was made on Polyvore)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Rhinestone Ladies Watches Floral Face

Wristwatch for Mom

A ladies rhinestone wristwatch would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. Beautifully shines with the tiny rhinestone crystals that outline the face of the piece. It is a timely gift that she would treasure for a long time. A useful jewelry present! Mother would wear this watch every day. Not something to be forgotten. Of Course any of these beautiful time pieces could be for any lady in your life. A friend or sister, cousin or co-worker would love it. Can be a very special gift that is given out as a birthday present or for an anniversary to say how much you care. A way to let her know just how precious she is to you! Every second, minute and hour of the day! Customize it your way. There are many styles to choose from at Zazzle. Time to say how much you care with a full color custom printed design on a quality ladies watch. Below are a few favorites and shops. More in Sandyspider’s watch collections.

If you have noticed a play on words, then you know that time is ticking away. Hurry on over by clicking on any of the colored links and images to see the sale NOW.

Purple and Blue Floral Watches

More from these stores: Sandyspider Gifts and Funky Abstract Gifts

Yellow Flowers and Firefly Tails Watches

These wristwatches have water resistance up to 3 ATM (98.4 ft). What that means is, the watches can withstand a little rain and accidental splashes. Does not mean that it can endure long periods underwater. Though it is good to know that getting it wet accidentally for short periods.

One year manufacturers limited warranty is included.

Intro photo is called Madam Peacock by Sandyspider.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Easter Invitations, Cards, and Tote Bags

Before the big Easter Egg Hunt event, one needs to mail out those invitations and cards. Hosting this event for the children will be fun. As a child, I recall finding those colorful eggs filled with candy that is hidden in the grass and more challenging places. Real hard boiled decorative eggs would be part of the game as well. It would be a contest to see who could fill up their baskets the fastest. Easter Sunday can be the special day for a family gathering. Begin the day with the children and adults searching for holiday candy. Later on, celebrate with the festive Easter brunch or dinner. The invitations and tote bags on Zazzle are customizable to change the wording and look to fit your special day together.

(Note: Colored text are links to Zazzle stores and Amazon which I am an affiliate).

Invitations by by Susang6
Festive games are often a part of the church or citywide celebrations. These are also for family and friend holiday parties. Good to begin with the right card.

Easter Tote Bags by Sandyspider

Baskets work nicely to gather the eggs during the Easter egg hunt. As shown with the little girl in the photo above.  However, where does the basket go after the holiday is over?

A fabric tote bag will have many uses long after the special day is over. No need to toss it down into the cold damp basement as you would do with an Easter basket. A tote bag for the Easter egg hunt makes perfect sense. It is bigger than a basket and can hold much more treats.  Take home that stuff bunny toy, Peter Cottontail book and eggs from the hunt. I know personally how sturdy these bags are at Zazzle.

Easter Greeting Cards by Sandyspider

Send out some vintage image Easter greeting cards, modern and funny cards.  Share these with friends and family. Mail them in with the matching stamps. At the family brunch, everyone on your list should have a personalized quality card like the ones below. All these are templates and customizable. You can resize, tile or exchange the images for your own. Add your own greeting.

See all Sandyspider Stores at Zazzle and check out the special sales and promo codes at the top of the site.

Easter Egg Hunt Accessories

For those who still insist on the Easter basket, below is a set of four. More accessories would be the plastic eggs and candy. A gift a child would enjoy would be a plush bunny, classic book and candy.

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